Study finds 89% of US citizens turn to Google before their doctor

Study finds 89% of US citizens turn to Google before their doctor (

[WVLT 8,  6/25/19]  A recent study by found 89 percent of patients nationwide Google their health symptoms before going to their doctor.

Kim Martin, a physician’s assistant at Masonboro Family Medicine, finds that number to be believable.

I spend most of my time explaining what they don’t have, versus telling them what they do have,” Martin said. “A lot of times I have to do a lot of reasoning of why you don’t have this and that. I have to give that explanation versus actually explaining what they do have.

According to the study, respondents said they wanted to find out the severity of their health condition before going to a doctor.

While Martin appreciates her patients taking interest in their own health, she says Googling symptoms often leads to anxiety.

They come in and are like, ‘Oh, I don’t have cancer? Thank gosh,’” Martin said. “It’s like, ‘No, it’s not (cancer). It’s an ingrown hair,’ or whatever. But absolutely, they get themselves very anxious about it.”

Martin said under certain circumstances, Googling symptoms before seeing a doctor can be beneficial……..

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