Study: Women make up only 30% of healthcare executives. Here’s a look at why

Study: Women make up only 30% of healthcare executives. Here’s a look at why (

[Fierce Healthcare, 1/7/19]  Women make up the vast majority of healthcare buying decisions and most of the healthcare workforce.

But when it comes to the C-suite at U.S. hospitals and insurers? There are still major shortfalls, with women making up only about 30% of healthcare executives and 13% of CEOs, according to new research from consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

What gives?

Many of the key barriers blocking women’s advancement into boardrooms are “hidden from view” because they’re unconscious parts of peoples’ assumptions and biases, the report says. This can leave women pigeonholed.

“You really need to help the organization understand how these subtle factors play in,” said Terry Stone, a managing partner for Oliver Wyman’s Health & Life Science Practice and the report’s lead author. “It’s neither good nor bad—we all do it. We’re all human.”

The problem
Stone and her team profiled more than 3,000 C-level healthcare executives and board members, studied the career paths of 112 CEOs and interviewed 75 men and women at the director level or above for the report.

They found that men are not purposefully standing in the way of women reaching the top, with about 70% of executives saying they value egalitarianism in the C-suite, according to the report.

But building affinity is the cornerstone to building trust, Stone said, which is key to getting promoted. Affinity is driven by empathy between two people, and it’s much easier to empathize with someone similar. So it is more likely for men to build affinity with other men. In a male-dominated C-suite that translates to an easier path to leadership and trust, she said…….

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