The at-home health test kits to have on your radar

The at-home health test kits to have on your radar (

[Philly Voice, 2/4/19]  They cover everything from food sensitivity to gut health and even nutrition and fitness optimization

It’s a fact that many people hate going to the doctor, not to mention sitting in a germy waiting room.

At-home health tests took away this dreaded experience for a lot of routine testing by providing a way for consumers to complete the tests on their own at home. These tests also provided a window for those who are curious about intricate facets of their health — such as diseases they may be prone to genetically, and even how to maximize their genetic fitness and nutrition potential. But testing of more important health concerns like fertility, cancer risks and more can also be analyzed.

Of course, there are times when it is still a good idea to actually visit your doctor, so use your best judgment, and always err on the side of consulting a medical professional.

Find the at-home health testing kits that cover almost every test under the sun — sampled by saliva or blood mostly — below:…….

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