The Formula for a Seriously Satisfying Grain Bowl

The Formula for a Seriously Satisfying Grain Bowl (

[Leanne Ray Nutrition, 12/12/18] So raise your hand if you love a good grain bowl 🙋

Also known as power bowls, buddha bowls or clean-out-the-fridge bowls. They are pretty much my current lunch obsession and I think you might like them too! Consider this your tutorial to make one that is equal parts satisfying and delicious. If you like meal prepping, you will love these because it’s simple to batch cook a few of the components then totally wing it on the rest.

A few of these items are on my Power 10 list, which means I tend to keep them on hand for throw-together meals anyway. I swear that even on days when it seems like there’s absolutely nothing to eat, if you keep your kitchen stocked you’ll be able to throw something similar together in 10 minutes. These also make for a quick and easy packed lunch! Just throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl and call it good.

More importantly than being able to make something on the fly is making something that’s actually tasty and satisfying too…………

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