This is why we can’t have nice nails.

Surely, I can’t be the ONLY girl with this struggle? Right? You slave away, filing, shaping, and polishing those nails with the perfect color only to find that every force in the household universe wants to destroy your fine work.

Nature is calling.  The cat is on the counter trying to get into the crock pot.  The dog is pawing at the door to go out.  WHY NOW?  Why after I’ve just spent an hour applying 3 coats of my favorite pink OPI polish?

The Perfect Manicure

It’s a cruel world.

You can hold your bladder…the color is worth the potential bladder infection.  You yell at the cat to get off the dang counter…only to met with an un-empathetic stare – “You’re talking to me? You don’t want me on the counter? What are you going to do about it?”  The cat’s a lost cause.  So, you try to awkwardly turn the doorknob with flat palms to let the dog outside.


All your nail polish is still in tact…not a ding to be seen.  You breathe a sigh of relief and take your seat on the couch…waiting out the rest of the storm.

30 minutes have passed.  Your nails are probably dry.  You tap one gently with a finger tip…feels dry…finally.  However, you’re still careful as you move about, continuing your day.  You check your polish periodically, making sure no damage is done.  So far, so good.  The future looks bright.

Dinner time roles around and you’re making plates for the family.  As you carry food over to the table you look down at your thumb, only to notice a huge smudge across the sparkly lacquer.  How did this happen? You were so careful…

“Why can’t I have nice things?” You ask yourself as you sob internally and decide that next time, you’ll just head to the salon instead. Or, you can just opt to wear your nails all-natural (that’s certainly the easy way out).


About the Author

Hilary is an advocate for women with unique hobbies and interests. She's an outdoor enthusiast that loves nature, wildlife, and hunting. However, she's also a lover of art, cartoons, interior design, and awesome DIY projects. Hilary has a B.Sc in Marketing and Business Management, is recently married, and is the proud pet-parent of a dog, a cat, and two ferrets. Hilary enjoys a good challenge and loves to see other women challenge themselves with new things that might be outside of their comfort zone.