The Real Reason You Feel Like Barfing After Sex

The Real Reason You Feel Like Barfing After Sex (

[Women’s Health, 4/29/19]  You just had mind-blowing sex with a regulation hottie. You saw, you conquered, you came (twice). You roll over and feel… satisfied? Check. A little sweaty? Double check. Nauseated? Yeah, that too.

But wait, why?

It’s uncommon, but feeling sick to your stomach after sex isn’t totally unheard of, says Erin Carey, MD, an assistant professor and the director of University of North Carolina’s Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery division.

The biggest downside other than, you know, feeling queasy, is trying to figure out what the heck’s causing it. Carey explains there are a ton of reasons you might be feeling less than ideal—some require a doctor’s attention, while others just warrant a painkiller.

Here are the seven reasons you feel nausea after sex, according to experts:

1. Deep penetration

One of the most common reasons you might feel sick after sex is because of penetration that went way beyond your comfort limits, according to Carey. “Deep penetration manipulates the pelvic organs—like the uterus and cervix, specifically,” she explains. “And any manipulation of that cervix can [result in] a vagal response, which can cause nausea.” (ICYDK, a vagal response is an automatic response inside your body that happens as a result of stimulating your vagus nerve, which connects your brain with several key areas of your body.)

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