This Is Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be Giving Up Faking Orgasms

This Is Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be Giving Up Faking Orgasms (

[Elite Daily, 12/26/18]  Sex can be complicated and personal, and pleasing your partner sometimes might require more than just getting them off. For some women, satisfying their partner in bed can involve satisfying their partner’s ego — by faking their own orgasms. I’m not here to tell you what to do or what not to do, but giving up faking orgasms might be an empowering New Year’s Resolution for you to consider in 2019.

Why are some women doing this in the first place? Is there anything wrong with a faux O? Will giving up faking orgasms make you feel liberated? Are there any other reasons to quit faking it? To help me answer these questions, I talked to Debi Pruitt, a sexpert at Dr. Tom Murray, PhD. and Associates.

According to Pruitt, although “women’s sexuality has blossomed over the years, many of us are still programed to think of sex as a bargaining tool.” She explains that for many women, a lot of energy in the bedroom is dedicated to satisfying their partners. “So, the woman puts on a porn-star worthy performance of moaning and groaning, accompanied by thrashing about.” She adds that sometimes, women might feel inadequate if they don’t enjoy sex or reach orgasm, or they might be afraid that their partner will feel inadequate if they can’t get her off.

While every situation is completely unique, faking O’s seems to be somewhat gendered — it appears that in many instances, a man’s pleasure and ego are prioritized over a woman’s actual enjoyment. So, listen: There’s nothing wrong with having sex like you’re a porn star — in fact, playing things up in the bedroom can be all kinds of fun and stimulating — but if it’s mostly just about a performance, it might be a good idea to make it about your pleasure too………..

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