Extensive poaching ring in state served more than 100 animals to illegal hunters (read full article here)


It should come as no surprise that I find this behavior appalling. Yes, I love animals and it makes me sick to see them being treated this way. But I find it even more sickening that we the people don’t see the major psychological disturbances of people who act this way. These are not people hunting to put food on their table, to protect their families, etc. People, like the ones in this article, who kill for the thrill of it, have serious mental issues that I guarantee are reflected in other aspects of their lives. To have the mind set of needing total domination over a living being is not only narcissistic but sheds light on an insecure complex of needing to feel powerful—much like a larger kid bullying a smaller one or a man who beats his wife. I find it confusing why more people don’t understand the serious issues with a person finding it fun to take a life away. There is nothing fun about a life ending. Stunts like what is written about in this article bring shame to our own human intelligence, for it is because of our ability to have empathy and think beyond ourselves that make us a higher species. Yet I see no proof of empathy for life in sport hunting. To have no understanding that every living thing on this earth is fighting to be/stay alive and wants to be here, is to not be an intelligent person. To not know that predators are an incredibly important part of our ecosystem and killing them ultimately harms us all, is to not be a very intelligent person. All I see in this article are a bunch of ignorant buffoons and arrogant fools who get their kicks killing the most beautiful and powerful species in our world so that they can bring some purpose to their own sad, insecure lives. And let me just say this, killing a predator from far away with a gun in no way raises your value as a human. It makes you a blood thirsty coward who needs therapy.

Unfortunately, these people will probably be slapped with a fine and go on with their lives like normal. Perhaps they will do a small amount of jail time. But crimes against animals are never treated seriously which is why they always become repeat offenders. More people are doing far worse time for smoking weed while harming nobody, than those who harm animals. Which is a huge shame not only for the justice of the animal but because the way people treat animals is directly related to the way they treat people.


Extensive poaching ring in state served more than 100 animals to illegal hunters

An extensive set of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife case reports recently obtained by The Chronicle through a records request have shed light on the shady backwoods undertakings of a well-orchestrated group of poachers based out of Cowlitz County.

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