Fake holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day are as old as me peg leg, savvy?

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This past week, we enjoyed one of our favorite “fake” holidays. International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Social media users everywhere took to their platforms to create silly pirate-themed posts to celebrate this holiday.  The truth is, there’s a silly holiday almost every day.  However, some are sillier and more well-known than others.  If you ever find yourself wondering what the “fake” holiday of the day is, just check your trending hashtags across Twitter and Facebook.

Is social media to blame for all of these ridiculous holidays?

No. Many of these days existed before the days of social media.  International Talk Like a Pirate Day originated in 1995, according to the article.  However, social media has raised a special kind of awareness for these holidays. It gives everyone an opportunity to join in on the fun with posts that they can file under whatever the trending hashtag is for that day.

It’s all great fun.

Join the celebration!

I actually have a “random holidays” calendar installed on my laptop.  You see, I enjoy making comics and I even have a web series that I am trying to get off the ground.  Many of the “fake” holidays trend on social media, and knowing what they are ahead of time gives me time to create content around them to be posted on the day itself.

I’m not the only person that does it this way, either.

I am always amused to see businesses and marketers try to get in on these days, too.  Having small scale, themed days keeps social media interesting and fun.

What’s your favorite “fake” holiday? Let us know in the comments!




Fake holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day are as old as me peg leg, savvy?

Shiver me timbers, International Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon us once again, me mateys. The silly holiday has become as popular as a chest full of Spanish doubloons since it was first conceived by two friends 22 years ago.

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