Today’s Recipe – Cauliflower Latkes

Today’s Recipe – Cauliflower Latkes (

[Food & Nutrition, 12/6/18] As a child, Hanukkah meant three things: presents, chocolate gelt (coins) and potato latkes (pancakes). Anyone who has ever made potato latkes or lived in a house where they have been prepared knows the scent of oil and onions that lingers for days. Even the dog’s fur smelled like potato latkes! I will always love the greasy, salty flavor of traditional potato latkes; but to me, they are a once a year treat. I really wanted to create a recipe that I can serve to my family much more often and riced cauliflower is the perfect ingredient to substitute for potatoes. Cauliflower latkes are a tasty alternative to the fried favorite that’s veggie-packed and sautéd in little oil.

If you are not familiar with super trendy riced cauliflower, you can make it or buy it. I’ve also seen “cauliflower crumbles” in the produce section of my supermarket. I tried this recipe using that version and it didn’t work as well because the pieces were a bit too chunky. Make sure the cauliflower is small but not pureed. If the pieces you purchased look like tiny squares, they are still too big. Just make sure to grind it up a bit in the blender or food processor until they’re the size of rice or even a tiny bit smaller……….

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