Today’s Recipe – Chicken Masala

Today’s Recipe – Chicken Masala (

[Salubrious RD]  Growing up in the midwest, I never tasted Indian food. Actually, for almost my entire adult life, I rarely ate Indian food. My husband loves chicken masala and we have gone to a couple of Indian restaurants, but it wasn’t until recently that I attempted to make it myself – thanks to a new neighbor who shared some secrets – and some spices – with me.

In our military life, we meet a lot of people. Living on a military base, families are always moving in and out and we rarely have the same neighbors for an entire assignment. About 7 months ago, we got new neighbors across the street from us and we lucked out – mom is Indian.

I was writing an article on golden milk quite a few months ago and I asked our neighbor if I could get some facts straight from the source and she was so kind in saying yes. In that visit, she loaded me up with bags of Indian spices, I couldn’t have been happier.

Fast forward a couple of months and their daughter brought over some chicken masala for us to eat – heaven! I immediately asked for her recipe. Like all good cooks, she uses a little of this and a little of that. I took all those suggestions and adjusted the heat level to my children’s likings and folks, we have a winner…….

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