Today’s Recipe – Chicken Pesto Pasta with Peas

Today’s Recipe – Chicken Pesto Pasta with Peas (

[SALUBRIOUS RD ]  This recipe is one of our favorites. Chicken pesto pasta with peas is so universally appealing. Honestly, I make it all the time. I have some short cuts that make it super fast to pull together and it’s good hot and cold, so it can be made ahead. Chicken pesto pasta with peas is great for dinner, lunch, potlucks, and to give a meal to someone you love (or like).

There isn’t anything super exciting about this pasta, although my kids get excited when I make it, especially Lily. I’m pretty sure she would put pesto on everything if she could. I sometimes use spinach pesto for this recipe, but I also make it with store bought basil pesto and that tastes delicious!

I also like to use fun pasta. Some people ask why I don’t use whole wheat pasta. The quick answer is I don’t like it. Now, I do like a lot of of the bean and lentil pastas that are coming on the market, so I could use those for a recipe like this, but I love a good corkscrew pasta and so far, I haven’t seen that in the healthy pastas. Also, we get so much fiber from other foods, it’s okay to have semolina pasta every once in a while………

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