Today’s Recipe – Mason Jar Burrito Bowls

Today’s Recipe – Mason Jar Burrito Bowls (

[Gimme Delicious]  Shake up your lunch time routine with these healthy mason jar burrito bowls. They are packed with protein, whole grains and nutritional veggies that will help keep you full for hours. They are also very flavorful and easy to assemble.

Meal prepping just keeps getting better. You all know how much I love my burritos, so I just had to try them in mason jars and I was not disappointed. These mason jar burrito bowls are great for meal prepping because they are very easy to assemble and store very well too. Mason jars are not a must, but they are great for portioning the ingredients and present great!

Now there are a few important tips to insure the best possible mason jar burrito bowl…….

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