Today’s Recipe – Mexican Tempeh Skillet Casserole

Today’s Recipe – Mexican Tempeh Skillet Casserole (

[Dietitian Debbie, 12/30/18]  I just might hunker down for the rest of winter and eat this Mexican tempeh skillet casserole on repeat until spring comes. Seriously, it is that good! Winter in Chicago definitely makes me feel like hibernating. These are the months when we like to binge on Netflix and Hulu under a warm blanket with a big bowl of popcorn. We’re finally almost finished with Breaking Bad. (Yes, I know we are seriously late to that party!) Of course we also had to watch all 10 hours of Making a Murderer since literally everyone was talking about that one! Some other favorites include: Portlandia, Bates Motel, and New Girl. How about you?!

Mexican Tempeh Skillet Casserole 4I adapted this casserole recipe from a turkey taco quinoa skillet recipe from Danae at Recipe Runner. It just looked so tempting that I had to make a vegetarian friendly version! The blog was long overdue for a new tempeh recipe, so this Mexican tempeh skillet casserole recipe was born. To make this even more like an all-in-one meal, I added in a few more veggies since I like to sneak in as many servings as I can at any given meal. Honestly, I have a feeling this Mexican tempeh skillet casserole will become a weeknight staple for us! Everything is cooked up in the same skillet in around 40 minutes from start to finish. Plus, it’s gluten free too! (Just make sure to double check the ingredient list on your tempeh as some brands add grains to their tempeh which may mean that it contains gluten.) I used our favorite tempeh with flax in this version……….

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