Today’s Recipe – Minestrone Soup

Today’s Recipe – Minestrone Soup (

[Ashley Munro Nutrition, 11/24/18]  This warm Italian originated dish is perfect as an appetizer or as a meatless meal. We like it served with some warm ciabatta bread.

Most minestrone recipes have a similar base. They all have tomato, pasta, little bit of beans and a few vegetables. I have bumped up the veggies with the addition of kale and butternut squash, making it extra filling and the broth is mouth watering. I also use my favorite pasta shape orecchiette, which means little ears in Italian, so cute. With the weather cooling down, soup is on the menu at least once a week. Plus, next day soup is almost better than the first.

I highly recommend adding a liberal amount of fresh grated parmesan before serving, really makes it!

This would be a great recipe to mix things up after all that turkey. Along with yummy turkey, as usual Thanksgiving weekend did not disappoint, and it isn’t even over yet!! We’ve had some great eats, fun family time and today will be no different. We are heading down to campus to tailgate and cheer for our Arizona Wildcats! It is an early game, so you bet breakfast is on the menu and we are excited to enjoy the cool sunny weather! Hope you are also having a great Thanksgiving break/weekend, and have some fun or relaxing plans today, maybe some soup later too!………….

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