Today’s Recipe – One Dish Vegetarian Greek Rice Casserole

Today’s Recipe – One Dish Vegetarian Greek Rice Casserole (


[Rachael Hartley Nutrition] Would you look at that cozy pan of goodness?

Continuing on last week’s theme of one dish recipes, I bring you this one dish vegetarian Greek rice casserole. To make it, all you do is saute veggies in a skillet, add uncooked rice and broth, and let it get all cozy in the oven. In the end, you get flavorful, tender rice with the little crunchy bits at the bottom. Aka the best part. It’s like paella, but waaaay less intimidating.

I find Greek flavors to be so comforting. That mixture of scallion, dill, and parsley is just the best. Well, basically everything with dill is the best. That’s my favorite herb. Add feta to the mix and we’re at a new level of deliciousness.

I kept this recipe vegetarian using chickpeas as a source of protein, but feel free to use chicken, ground beef or lamb. I might snuggle a few boneless chicken thighs or bite sized pieces of chicken in with the breasts before baking. Brown it first if you’re worried about it cooking through – I think it should be fine but let me know if you try it. Or brown ground beef or lamb with the vegetables before adding rice and broth. You could also make a sort of paella by topping it with raw shrimp towards the end of cooking………….

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