Today’s Recipe – One Pot Red Lentil Pumpkin Soup

Today’s Recipe – One Pot Red Lentil Pumpkin Soup (

[Dietitian Debbie Dishes, 1/24/19]  Last month, a bunch of my college friends and I got together for the first time in years. We booked a big AirBnB in Pittsburgh for the weekend and spent the whole time catching up while noshing on some great food! My friend Teresa whipped up a red lentil soup that was super tasty and I found myself craving it again after our weekend get-together. It looked so easy, I thought I would try to recreate the recipe at home. I stirred in some canned pumpkin to add some extra creaminess and spiced it up with curry powder because red lentils and curry powder are just meant to be.

We’ve made this soup a couple of times already and it is the perfect cozy soup for snowy nights. You can whip this up in just one pot so you can save yourself some time in the kitchen since there won’t be a lot of pots to wash up. I usually buy my red lentils from the bulk bins at the store, but you can also find them in the dry goods section as well. Since they are smaller than other varieties of lentils, they cook up much faster so you can get this soup on the table in just about 30 minutes………

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