Top 15 Most Powerful Women in History

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Here is what I believe a woman can be when she is in tune with her most feminine self.  They are strong but tender; resilient, but tough; warm, but steadfast; nurturing but disciplined. Do these things seem to be opposites of one another? To some degree, they are.  But that is the mystery and the glory of being a woman.  It is why we are such a puzzle to men.  They are linear thinkers, singularly focused.  In its own way, that is a good thing, but we, as women, have a much broader scope of accomplishments.  We are many things in our lifetimes. 

This article explores 15 very powerful, influential women.  Some I’ve heard, others I haven’t, but I would be willing to bet that their public accomplishments that echo down history are only one small part of who they were as women.  It is what the world applauds as their accomplishments, but it would take a much deeper analysis to uncover who they really were in the deepest place of their souls.

I hope you enjoy reading about these powerful women.  Embrace your womanhood with all of its quirks, foibles and glory!

Who would you add to list and why,




Top 15 Most Powerful Women in History

A number of powerful women have shaped the course of history with their intelligence, strength, passion, and leadership qualities. They have challenged the status quo, made lasting reforms, and many have presided over their countries for decades, ushering in prosperity and cultural revolutions.


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