Tropes about the mythical matriarch mom no longer hold power in the social-media era

Tropes about the mythical matriarch mom no longer hold power in the social-media era (

[MM&M, 10/3/19]  You’ve seen them plenty of times before: ads featuring and aimed at the mythical “perfect mother,” a superhuman creature who not only oversees meals, household chores and social calendars, but also the entirety of her family’s health and well-being. It’s a trope that has been used to sell everything from paper towels to over-the-counter products — and historically, it has generated exceedingly strong results.

So perhaps it might come as a surprise that, as new prescription drugs for a range of women’s conditions come to market, health marketers have tweaked their brand playbooks. They have widened the scope of their thinking to accommodate the many identities that women have outside of “the perfect mother” — or even motherhood in general.

Among the influx of medications used to improve the physical and emotional lives of women are two libido drugs: Addyi, from Sprout Pharmaceuticals, and Vyleesi, from Amag Pharmaceuticals. As the focus shifts away from women-as-matriarch-moms to women-as-human-beings, advertisers have adjusted their approach to prioritize authentic interaction over one-way communication.

According to Meghan Rivera, Amag’s VP and head of women’s health sales and marketing, the company’s approach to marketing Vyleesi represents a departure from past practices. “We’ve not started with a traditional playbook with Vyleesi, but rather with an understanding of our consumer — what she feels, what she most values and what resonates with her,” Rivera writes in response to emailed questions. “We are leveraging social influencers and custom content collaborations with lifestyle publications — similar to OTC brands — in order to ensure we are able to engage women and ensure they are aware of the condition [hypoactive sexual desire disorder] and their options.”……

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