Using An App As Your Contraception Method? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Using An App As Your Contraception Method? Here’s What You Need To Know. (

[Scary Mommy, 1/3/19]  If you ask our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, many of them will say that the invention and mainstream availability of the birth control pill was one the greatest things to ever happen to women. The pill brought them a sense of security, autonomy, and empowerment. Because of this modern form of contraception, women of the 1960s could finally have sex without fear of getting pregnant. It changed everything.

However, according to a recent study conducted by Power to Decide and Cosmo, the heyday of the pill may be coming to a close. Today’s women are turning to—what else? Apps, of course, to control their reproductive health.

In the age of the smart phone, when “there’s an app for that” means that, literally, there is an app for everything, even preventing and/or planning pregnancies is now something millennials are doing via iPhone or Android device. In the interest of avoiding side-effects and/or putting hormones into their bodies, many of today’s women are saying no thanks to the pregnancy-preventative methods of decades past, such as the pill. They’re choosing apps instead.

This smart phone generation is turning to apps like Dot to track their reproductive cycles as opposed to popping a pill every morning. And companies like Cycle Technologies (which created Dot) see this trend and want to help today’s women do just that—have power over their reproductive health, using safe, tech-savvy means to do it…………..

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