Vitamin D can STOP the development of liver problems, researchers find

[Natural News, 12/25/18]  Many health-conscious people worry about maintaining a healthy weight and keeping their blood pressure or cholesterol under control, but few people give much thought to their liver – until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, that’s far more likely than you might think as 20 to 30 percent of Americans are now said to have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The good news is that there is something you can do to keep your liver healthy, and it could be as simple as stepping outside a few times a week.

An international team of researchers from the U.S., India and Saudi Arabia recently carried out a review, and they concluded that vitamin D can prevent and treat liver diseases, including liver cancer.

They reported that all of the body tissues that govern cell proliferation and immune function contain vitamin D receptors, underscoring the big role the vitamin plays in disease. According to the researchers, vitamin D can affect the expression of genes. In addition, changes to the vitamin D receptors and gene expression are factors in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis C, infection, and other chronic liver diseases. The vitamin can stop liver cells from proliferating, and it’s also believed to have anti-cancer properties.

One prospective study that looked at more than 33,000 individuals revealed that sufficient vitamin D intake could reduce the risk of developing liver cancer by an incredible 50 percent. It’s a thrilling finding given the fact that 24,000 people succumb to this aggressive cancer each year…………

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