Welcome to the Rebranding of Your Period™️

Welcome to the Rebranding of Your Period™️ (cosmopolitan.com)

[Cosmopolitan, 6/10/19]  According to all the new tampon replacements, menstrual desserts, period panties, PMS coaches, and flow trackers, your cycle should be awesome and not at all annoying! Cosmo investigates the wild promises (and still-developing science) of the new blood economy.

According to my period tracker, week three of my cycle is when I’m hunkering down and exploring my inner emotions. It’s also when I should “keep an eye on the clock,” as I may lose track of time. Oh, and I might have a “physical and mental slowdown” thanks to rising progesterone levels (sounds about right, TBH).

The tracker was recommended to me by a friend in Denver who has used it to schedule her dating life and to keep things chill with her roommates. “I send them a Google Calendar invite so we know which days we will all be PMS’ing,” she explained.

Periods, you may have noticed, are suddenly cool. Shrouded in shame for centuries, they’re now trending as a Goop-y path to ­feminine ­empowerment and a mainstream cause ­célèbre. Viral campaigns like #HappyToBleed and #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult clap back at shamers and encourage women to get candid about their cycles on social. The Period Equity movement has helped prompt five states and D.C. to repeal sales tax on pads and tampons. The “red drop” emoji is hitting your smartphone this year thanks to an international girls’ rights group. Also: A documentary about ­periods just won an Oscar!……..

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