Women often keep impact of menstrual pain, bleeding to themselves

Women often keep impact of menstrual pain, bleeding to themselves (in.reuters.com)

[Reuters, 4/5/19]  Many women who suffer from menstrual symptoms like pain and heavy bleeding don’t tell their families or doctors about it even when it interferes with their ability to keep up with daily routines, a Dutch study suggests.

Among nearly 43,000 girls and women who responded to an online nationwide survey, 85 percent said they experienced painful cramping during their periods, 77 percent had symptoms of mood disorders, and 71 percent suffered from tiredness or exhaustion.

More than one-third of the survey respondents said menstrual symptoms stopped them from performing all of their normal daily activities.

But less than half of them told their family members that menstrual symptoms were the reason they had to cut back on daily tasks.

“We think there is a taboo on menstrual symptoms, mainly because women think this is just a normal part of life, and they might feel it is not accepted to openly discuss this matter,”

said lead study author Dr. Mark Schoep of Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Part of the problem is that many menstrual symptoms like mood swings, pain and exhaustion aren’t easily visible and can’t be objectively identified with medical tests, Schoep said by email.

“Pain, tiredness and psychological complaints might distract women from their daily activities so they are not able to perform on the same level as they are used to do without these complaints,” Schoep said. “Heavy menstrual bleeding might hinder women in participating in social and working activities.”……….

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